The Netatmo app is updated: new features and increasingly transversal

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Netatmo is a central brand in the home automation sector, with its products focused above all on the security aspect. And the company just announced a important update for your app Home + Security.

The Home + Security app allows you to manage and customize devices from the Netatmo, Legrand and Bticino brands directly from your smartphone. Specifically, the app offers management of locks and gods alarm systems intelligent, gods smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide and, more recently, expanded support to connected intercoms.

With the new update the app receives some news in terms of graphic interface and also of functionality. The app will therefore be structured according to three main sections, directly accessible from the main one:

  • Dashboards: an overall view of what is happening at home, with the possibility of intervening directly at any time;
  • News Feeds renewed, it keeps track of the events that have occurred notified by the app and allows you to reproduce their content;
  • Settings: You can now manage your home ecosystem, add devices and change notification preferences.

As mentioned above, there are also some new features specifications for managing connected devices at home.

For example, there is the possibility of using external smart cameras to control activating smart lights automatically. It will also be possible suspend video surveillance in case smart cameras recognize the face of the owner.

In short, the Home + Security app arrives in a new version, richer in terms of functionality and customization in the control of connected devices in the home. The new app is during automatic distribution starting from last February 6th. We expect the update to roll out via the Play Store and App Store. Below you will find the direct buttons to download it from the respective stores.

Download from Play Store

Download from the App Store

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