Enjoy the first trailer for Age of Empires Mobile for iOS and Android

Posted by - February 24, 2024

Microsoft e Level Infinitevia a gameplay trailer, they revealed Age of Empires Mobile. At the same time, the pre-registrations for the game be on App Store than on Google Play. The launch of the game – announced inOctober 2022 – is getting closer and closer and according to the video, various typical elements of the

Samsung updates the Try Galaxy app: you can try Galaxy AI on Android and iOS!

Posted by - February 24, 2024

samsung-galaxy-s24-ultra-def-010_880x495.jpg” width=”880″ height=”495″ alt=”Samsung updates the Try Galaxy app: you can try Galaxy AI on Android and iOS!” title=”Samsung updates the Try Galaxy app: you can try Galaxy AI on Android and iOS!”> Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular, with Samsung certainly among the most active protagonists. In this sense, the Korean company has also

The ChatGPT widget arrives on Android!

Posted by - February 23, 2024

Some interesting news is coming for those who use ChatGPT on Android. In the last few hours it arrived an important novelty for the ChatGPT app dedicated to the green robot: a official widget. The popular artificial intelligence service that debuted to the public a year ago, and came to the fore with its web

Google fixes the Android 14 bug on Pixels: how to do the "specialized" update

Android 15 does an about-face: that’s why the DP1 was withdrawn

Posted by - February 20, 2024

Android 15 has just started to walk on its own legs, with the first Developer Preview released last week by Google for its Pixels. Even though it was a very immature version, we didn’t expect gods such problems to force Google to withdraw. In fact, in the last few hours Google has made it known

Android 15 could improve your web browsing

Posted by - February 20, 2024

Google released the first Developer Preview a few days ago Android 15and enthusiasts from all over the world rushed to install it to discover the novelty that await us between now and the official release (if you are interested, here you will find our guide on how to install it and here the news of

Chrome su Android riceve un nuovo pulsante per i segnalibri: l'avete visto?

Chrome on Android gets a new bookmark button: have you seen it?

Posted by - February 20, 2024

Google Chrome is receiving a new feature regarding the management of bookmarks. The news arrives for the Android app of the popular web browser (here are the best web browsers of the moment). The Images in the gallery they show what it is. Google seems intent on releasing a new button of bookmarks in Chrome

On Android Auto, Google Maps now has renewed graphics

AI messages are coming to Android Auto: how they work

Posted by - February 19, 2024

A new feature has just arrived on Android Auto that will certainly make a difference in daily use. Let’s talk about AI messagesor Android Auto’s ability to summarize the long messages automatically with the support of artificial intelligence. This innovation was presented last January, as part of the launch of the new Galaxy S24. What