The AI ​​assistant arrives on Adobe Reader and Acrobat: here’s what it can do

Posted by - February 24, 2024

Adobe has just announced some important news regarding two of its main products. Let’s talk about Reader and Acrobat which just received a AI assistant. Adobe’s AI assistant comes as yet another AI-powered tool that should make life easier for users. This new AI assistant is particularly specialized in file management and customization PDF. The

Someone turned Tesla’s Cybertruck into a tank: here’s the video

Posted by - February 24, 2024

Tesla Cybertruck It’s definitely one of the vehicles that have most captured people’s attention. After all, when Elon Musk he spoke for the first time about the electric pickup, he defined it as “a Blade Runner-inspired tank.” Indeed, the stainless steel exterior is reminiscent of an armored vehicle, albeit equipped with traditional tires. However, someone

Signal makes your phone number more private: here’s how

Posted by - February 23, 2024

Signal accomplishes a new step towards privacy of its users and announces the introduction of the default private number for all its users. The news was announced in the last few hours on the platform’s official blog. Signal is the instant messaging platform that competes with the giants WhatsApp and Telegram and which has become

Honor promised that the Magic 6 Pro could track your gaze: here’s an incredible application

Posted by - February 22, 2024

honor-magic-6-pro-sposta-auto-con-lo-sguardo_880x495.jpg” width=”880″ height=”495″ alt=”Honor promised that Magic 6 Pro could track your gaze: here’s an incredible application” title=”Honor promised that Magic 6 Pro could track your gaze: here’s an incredible application”> At the Snapdragon Summit Honor had presented a new eye tracking technology arriving on its next top of the range, but everyone had wondered

OTPs will be truly safe with Android 15: here’s how

Posted by - February 19, 2024

Android 15 we just started to get to know it with the first Developer Preview distributed by Google. In addition to the news that we have already glimpsed, a new feature seems to be on the way safety for the protection of OTPs. When we talk about OTP we mean the One Time Passwordwhich are

Windows Sticky Notes become more powerful: here’s what’s new

Posted by - February 18, 2024

Some are coming interesting news For Sticky Notesthe app launched by Microsoft with Windows 10 which is about to find a new life on Windows 11. Sticky Notes allows you to capture interactive notes, mostly in the form of images, and then reuse them throughout the Windows interface. They are currently integrated into EndNoteone of

Here’s how to protect yourself from GoldPickaxe, the first Trojan on iPhone

Posted by - February 17, 2024

<img class="tw-image " src="" width="880" height="495" alt="Here's how to protect yourself from GoldPickaxe, the first Trojan on iPhone” title=”Here’s how to protect yourself from GoldPickaxe, the first Trojan on iPhone”> Last year, a Trojan known as GoldDigger, capable of stealing users’ biometric data and thus compromising bank accounts. Now, this threat has “evolved” into the

The Pixel 8a bezels we've seen so far may be optimistic

Android 15 is official: here’s when the beta and stable version arrive

Posted by - February 16, 2024

Google just made it official Android 15releasing the first Developer Preview which can already provide us with an overview that we will see with the new version of Android. Now we can also see when they will arrive the next major updates for Android 15. In this article we talked about the new features included

Google Photos: recognizing similar photos will be child's play

The Google Photos selector finally evolves: here’s what’s new

Posted by - February 14, 2024

Google Photos just received a major update regarding its image selector. We are talking about something new that specifically concerns Android devices (here is our selection of the best Android smartphones of the moment). The update involving Google Photos introduces a new selector of images, which has become global. This means that the new Photos