GPT-5 could debut sooner than expected and will be “definitely better”

A few days ago OpenAIby mistake, revealed its plans for the launch of the new one in preview GPT-4.5 Turbo. However, things could change, and even sooner than expected. In fact, it would seem that the company could directly launch GPT-5 and, therefore, skip the intermediate version. Perhaps even more surprising, then, would be the date of the alleged debut: in mid-2024, in the summer.

Furthermore, according to the source, some customers have already received the demo of the latest model and have defined it “significantly better than GPT-4”. While waiting to find out more, it was also highlighted that OpenAI would still be continuing with the “training” of the AI, with the security checks phase still to be started. This last process is among the longest and most complex, especially to avoid errors.

Still on GPT-5, in a recent interview given to Lex Fridmanthe CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altmanstated that the difference between GPT-5 and GPT-4 will be the same as between the latter and GPT-3, specifying that “Maybe GPT-5 will be a defining moment although it’s hard to say now.” In any case, several users hope that the new artificial intelligence will be better than GPT-4 which, perhaps, has disappointed expectations a little.

Therefore, according to these rumors, OpenAI, in the summer, would launch what could be an important revolution in the field of artificial intelligence, “disproving” previous predictions that the launch of GPT-5 would be in 2025. We’ll see in the coming weeks if any other interesting details emerge.


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