The strangest coordinates you can see on Google Maps

Google Maps is an application very given to long virtual walks in the middle of nowhere, just like Google Earth. Both are part of Google’s program to map absolutely the entire earth, both by satellite and by road with the help of Street View cars.

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Of course, this obsession has left very good moments, with some Google Maps curiosities whose coordinates are public, particularly strange, funny or even terrifying images. There is a little bit of everything on Earth, and if it’s there, Google has caught it.

All Google Maps and Earth coordinates, there are several that stand out above the rest. Today we have compiled some of the most important ones so that you can search for them yourself and check that they are real.

To view these images, simply copy and paste the coordinates into Google Maps, or do so directly in the application or web version of Maps, whichever is more convenient for you.

1. The lips of Sudan

If you search for this coordinate on Google Maps, you will end up somewhere in South Sudan. There, if you activate the satellite view, you will find a structure quite similar to human lips.

The best thing is that it is completely natural, formed by the erosion of the land over millennia.

2. That culture that is Japan

This time, instead of a coordinate, let’s make it easier: this link. If you enter, you will go to a Google Street View frame in Japan.

The image is surprising to say the least. It’s several people wearing pigeon hats in the middle of the street, which looks both disturbing and comical.

pink rabbit

3. The giant pink rabbit

In northern Italy, near the border with France, there is one of the Google Maps coordinates that is worth visiting. So many people have done it that even Google has created a bookmark there.

This is the figure of the giant rabbit, visible to the naked eye if you access it with Google Earth.

pink rabbit

4. The guardian of the thicket

In Alberta (Canada) indigenous tribes have been part of the wildlife for millennia. Currently, it no longer occurs due to colonization, but its mark is still very present and visible even on Maps.

If you access this link, you will go directly to the rock figure known as Badlands Guardiana mountain shaped like a human face that guards the area where several of these tribes lived.

pink rabbit

5. The finger labyrinth

In the United Kingdom there are other such human formations that go unnoticed at ground level, but when seen from above they draw powerful attention.

In these Google Maps coordinates you can see a labyrinth that is actually a fingerprint.

pink rabbit

6. The pentagram of Kazakhstan

The pentagram of Kazakhstan

A geographical curiosity that draws attention is the presence of a symbol associated with Satanism in a rural area of ​​Kazakhstan.

It’s about a inverted pentagram which is formed by the paths surrounding an esplanade near the coast of Prokhorovka.

It is not known what the origin or meaning of this design is, nor if it has any relationship with the beliefs of the inhabitants of the area, but it is undoubtedly a rare phenomenon.

You can access this staff on Google Maps through this link.

7. Ghost Island

ghost island

Sandy Islandis a ghost island that appears on some old maps, but does not actually exist.

A team of Australian scientists searched for it in 2012, guided by the coordinates indicated by Google Maps, northwest of New Caledonia. However, when they arrived at the place where the island was supposedly located, they only found water.

The most likely explanation is that the island was a stone formation that eroded over time, or that it was a cartographic error that was perpetuated for decades.

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