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How to watch DTT without the need for an antenna on any television, even if it is not a Smart TV

The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities. This connection has made it easier for the content to reach everywhere and, in fact, it has been done at such a level that it is not even necessary to have an antenna to be able to watch DTT. Yes, you read it right. It is not necessary for the building or house to have an antenna if what you want is to see the television.

Of course, logically there has to be an internet connection to this home. Starting from this, the way to watch DTT without an antenna on your television is done through a series of applications that can be installed on the TV or, if it is not a Smart TV, do it on a device such as Google TV or the Fire TV Stick.

Yes, it is essential to have one of these platforms in order to enjoy DTT on your television that lacks a antenna to connect to. Applications that can be installed for watch DTT channels There are three in particular: Pluto TV, TDTChannels and Tivify. Let’s see its advantages and disadvantages.

How to watch DTT channels on a Smart TV without an antenna

In general terms, the three applications have the same purpose: allowing you to watch DTT without an antenna. Of course, the differences between the three are abysmal and that is why we are going to see how they work in detail so that you can choose correctly. We anticipate that we have our favorite among these three apps.

No more need for a decoder to watch television or a specific channel. And, all the terminology such as tuner, receiver or encoder is completely unnecessary. What you need is a device that allows you to provide your television with the possibility of installing applications or receiving content via WiFi.

And, the applications can be installed both on the television to watch any type of channel without the need for a decoder and also on the mobile phone to then send the video signal to the television screen. Having clarified this, let’s see how it works Tivify, TDTChannels and Pluto TV.

Of course, these applications are not the only ones that can be used to watch DTT online. In fact, a few days ago we explained how to watch DTT online with Kodi and VLC online and live. If you have Kodi, you may find this explanation more useful so that you can have everything centered within the same application.

Pluto TV as the first candidate to watch DTT without an antenna

First of all, there is Pluto TV. This application works almost at the same level as a streaming platform. In fact, it has an infinite number of channels.

These channels are open and can be accessed from the application, although not all of them are there, since there are more than 100 channels with different themes.

The type of channel that is usually found on Pluto TV is grouped by theme, since within, for example, any channel there are hundreds of broadcasts of movies, music or documentaries.

It is not that you will find Antena 3 or Telecinco. Yes, there are DTT channels and you can watch them without an antenna, but these are not the ones in Spain.

Tivify is the second candidate to watch DTT without an antenna


Tivify is the next app that we are going to review that has gained a tremendous amount of attention from users. In general terms we find a very well maintained app, just like Pluto TV. There is no need for registration and it normally works correctly.

Of course, Tivify has advertising. The advertisement is always played at the beginning of each selection of channel to watch TV. They are not normally long ads, although sometimes it is annoying to try to watch a program and, as soon as you enter the broadcast, the application decides to play an ad.

Advertising can be removed, although you have to pay a subscription to do so.. This subscription also unlocks the playback of certain DTT channels in Spain, which puts it behind Pluto TV.

The service is good, it has its drawbacks such as advertising, but it is an option if you want to see the DTT from Spain.

TDTChannels as the third candidate and winner to watch DTT without an antenna


Now it’s the turn of TDTChannels, which is our favorite. This application has risen from the ashes and, although it is not as comfortable to use at first as the rest, it is the one that offers the most free channels and, above all, It does it completely free of charge and without any type of advertising..

Several factors must be taken into account before starting to use TDTChannels. The first is that If you want to use it from an Amazon Fire TV, you will most likely have to install it manuallyforcing the user to send the file to the television using their mobile phone or a USB drive.

There is no problem with players like the Google Chromecast with Google TV that have access to the Play Store application store from which this application can be downloaded. Going back to the installation on an Amazon device and with the experience of having done this installation a few weeks ago, now it’s time for the next step.

TDTChannels works through a completely free IPTV list and that, on Android phones, is installed automatically by simply clicking on the appropriate place. In the case of a Fire TV Cube, the list has to be entered by hand using the remote control offered by the Amazon device, which results in a rather tedious experience.

To see this list you only need to visit the TDTChannels website in the section that indicates the official and certified lists. What is interesting is the list in JSON formatsince it is ideal if you use the Android application on a mobile device or on a device like the Fire TV Cube or the Google Chromecast.

Adding the list is just a matter of accessing the TDTChannels panel that allows this and enter the address suggested by the official website of the application. After this, you will only have to save the list and the application will restart showing all the DTT channels from Spain and a huge number of channels from other countries.

Yes, the process to launch TDTChannels is neither the easiest nor the fastest. But it makes up for all this by being the best application to watch any type of DTT channel without the need for an antenna and, in fact, you can find absolutely all the television channels in Spain completely free of charge.

There are no ads, you don’t have to register and, above all, the broadcast is live without any problems with interruptions.. Yes, the interface is the simplest and does not have the frills of Pluto TV or Tivify, but the design is not everything and even more so when TDTChannels allows you to watch any DTT channel for free, without the need for an antenna and without you having to than having a Smart TV.

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