Tesla iPhone app gets security exclusive

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Some are arriving you like novelty for all those who have a Tesla and an iPhone with which to manage it remotely. In the last few hours, a new update has arrived for the Tesla app, which introduces an exclusive regarding digital keys.

The update just introduced for the Tesla app dedicated to iOS devices bring the support to the ultra wideband (UWB) protocol. This protocol concerns connectivity between devices, and allows communication between car and smartphone for opening and closing the vehicle.

The UWB protocol is analogous to Bluetooth conceptually. Technically, however, UWB results be safer for applications such as the digital key, since it allows a more accurate geolocation compared to Bluetooth. This is the same protocol that allows you to locate apple AirTags.

After updating, the Tesla app on iPhone should request to update the digital key for your vehicle. You will then be asked to grant permission to access the option Nearby Interactionspresent within the iOS Settings and which allows you to use the information coming from the UWB chip integrated into iPhones.

The new arrival on the iOS app makes sense, given that all the models from iPhone 11 onwards (excluding SE models) are equipped with the UWB module. The news is in the distribution phase automatic through the App Store, at the bottom you will find the direct button to check if you have received the update.

With regard to Androidgiven that some models such as the most recent Pixel and Galaxy from samsung integrate the UWB module, the novelty It doesn’t appear to be distributed yet on the Tesla app.

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