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The price of the most brutal Intel processor, the i9, plummets, hitting rock bottom on Amazon

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If you have a gaming computer that is already asking for better ones, we have good news, especially if what you are thinking of changing is the processor. That and if you have a motherboard compatible with the Intel Core i9, an ultra-powerful chip that is also now noticeably cheaper.

One of its top versions, the Intel Core i9-12900KF, has dropped a lot in price on Amazon, at only 379 euros, which is well below what it has been costing until now. This makes it possible to have a processor capable of running any game or application, no matter how demanding it may be, at full speed.

Obviously not all PCs, not even some mid-high range Gaming PCs, support the installation of this processor, but if yours does, it is an unbeatable option today in terms of quality and price.

Intel Core i9-12900KF

This processor, which exceeds 5 GHz in clock speed, is ideal for gaming and complex tasks such as video and photo editing.
  • amazon €379.9
  • PcComponents
  • techINN

The good thing is that it comes from Amazon, and that has many advantages, starting with free shipping for all users, even for those who are not Amazon Prime users. Those that are also have express delivery in just 24 hours.

Additionally, Amazon’s after-sales customer support is known to be quite good, resolving any issues and accepting returns without too much trouble.

Up to 5.2 GHz and almost 100 euros discount

As we have already mentioned, the discount that this processor has on Amazon is temporary but it is generous, almost 100 euros compared to the price it had a few months ago, and for now in other stores it is still at least above 400 euros.

That means we are talking about the lowest historical price for this i9, which has more versions, in practically all cases more expensive than the 12900KF. For example, the i9-14900K is still above 600 euros.

With up to 5.2 GHz clock speed, 16 cores and 8 threads, it offers maximum performance guarantees whatever you ask of it, whether you are going to use it together with a graphics card to run Tripe A games in ultra or What you want is to edit 8K video or even if you want a server capable of moving large volumes of data.

With Windows or Linux it works perfectly and at lightning speed, so all that remains is to check that it is indeed compatible with the rest of the components of your computer.

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