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Alexa, send Roomba to clean: the cheapest iRobot model is now even more discounted

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Having a robot vacuum cleaner at home has always been something very, very useful, especially if you have little time to do basic floor maintenance and even more so if you have pets. What has been changing little by little is the price, and it is increasingly cheaper to buy one, even from top brands like iRobot.

We have the example right now on Amazon, which has left the price of the Roomba 692 at a minimum, for only 169 euros. It is the lowest historical price recorded so far and the benefits that this model promises are more than outstanding.

For example, you have More than enough power to suck not only small particles, but also larger ones such as food remains. or pet food, but there’s more: it also has Alexa as a virtual assistant.

iRobot Roomba 692

This robot vacuum cleaner with app control and virtual assistants has intelligent navigation and a price that makes it the cheapest Roomba on the market.
  • amazon €169
  • PcComponents

Furthermore, there is little more that can be said about Amazon that is not already known. If you are going to buy a robot vacuum cleaner or any other appliance that involves a significant investment, it is one of the best stores to do so because of its easy shipping and after-sales service.

Shipping is free, as in practically all orders of 35 euros or more from Amazon, regardless of whether you have a Prime account or not, since the store assumes all expenses from that figure. What does happen is that Prime users have express shipping, in many cases receiving their orders in 24 hours or even less.

With assistant and Dirt Detect system

One of the things that makes the Roomba the most desired models on the market is its intelligent navigation, especially thanks to the patented Dirt Detect system, which makes the robot put more emphasis on cleaning where the most dirt accumulates.

Other robots sometimes ignore accumulated particles or have more or less random cleaning patterns, but a Roomba as cheap as this 692 does not do that, and it also has more than enough power for everyday use.

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The virtual assistant works once you’ve linked your model to Alexa, something you can do from the virtual assistant app if you already have a smart speaker at home. From there you can start or end the cleaning with a simple voice command.

For the price it has right now, it is a very safe bet if you want a robot vacuum cleaner that doesn’t make you go around worrying about anything, although obviously there are other models that offer more advanced features for more money if you are willing to dig deep into your pocket.

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