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After three years with a mid-range mobile phone, I have decided to give everything for a 1,300 euro smartphone: is it worth it?

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Mobile phones are already part of all of us and it is true that, with more or less frequency, we change them. In my case, perhaps something particular, I tend to extend the useful life of my smartphone to a minimum of three years.

I believe that in the end if you make an adequate quality-price investment – and you are not unlucky enough for it to end up dying before its time – these will last you for many years. But of course, Everything has a limit, we all like new things and, above all, they become somewhat obsolete.

I have been using my samsung Galaxy A51 for more than three years and the truth is that I have not had any complaints. I had never bought a premium mobile phone, due to its high cost, but this year I decided to treat myself and buy the latest Samsung Galaxy 24+ fresh out of the oven.

These are the big reasons that, after three years, have led me to change my mobile

I have always been buying mid-range and always being loyal to Samsung. I have to confess that for nothing in particular and I’m sure many will throw up their hands, but I have never had any problems, I am used to the interface and I would currently have no reason to switch to other brands, at least for the moment, despite the great quality they also offer..

As I said before, I think I have made a great investment – I hope I am lucky and that nothing happens to him – but it is true that, Apart from the fact that it was about time, there are many other reasons why I have chosen this mobile and no, it is not advertising.

An aspect that must also be taken into account: aesthetics

Samsung has become a benchmark in mobile design, enchanting users around the world with an elegant, modern and at the same time functional aesthetic.

Go for a simple and sophisticated design, with clean lines and few elements that contribute nothing and yes, I’m sure there are users who don’t like it, but I can’t deny that I love it. If you add to all this that this year they have adopted a design very similar to the iPhone which, let’s not fool ourselves, we all love, I am absolutely in love with my new smartphone.


But always accompanied by great benefits

Samsung phones not only stand out for their aesthetics, but also They also offer high performance and a wide variety of functions. In my case I decided to buy the 512 GB version and 12 GB of RAM, in order to stretch it for as long as possible.

On the other hand, it offers amazing cameras, with a 50 Mpx main one that amazes me, although the Ultra version already scales to other levels and, of course, I cannot leave aside the 4,900 mAh battery, which, for the moment , it allows me to go up to two days without having to charge it—and yes, I use it quite a bit.

When I had the A51 it is true that, at first, I had no complaints, not even with its battery, since it was 4,000 mAh, but, over time, This has been running out a little faster and I have been noticing small errors when opening applications or loading heavy documents.

Samsung Galaxy S24


Artificial intelligence as my platonic love

If there is something for which I have gone headlong for this smartphone, apart from the brand and quality, are all those new artificial intelligence functions that integrates. We are no longer talking about small novelties that are there, but that you don’t use later. Here things change.

From the Rodea search function that I love and that helps me, above all, to find clothes or related images – even people -, to the new developments in photo editing that makes everything easier – especially if you want to remove certain people from an image-, I feel that I have in my possession a mobile phone with great power and that, as if that were not enough, it will evolve over the months and years..

I think this is just the beginning and, taking into account the use of Google Gemini, which has also just launched great news, this will continue to be enhanced with future updates. Plus, having the latest Samsung on the market gives you some power and “preference” when it comes to big features arriving.

Samsung AI Features


Some amazing cameras that I can’t stop taking advantage of

One of the aspects I most wanted to change was the camera. I consider myself passionate about photography and I am one of those people who, when I find a good place to take photos, activate the “professional” mode to bring out the artist in me and take advantage of their potential.

However, this is something that I could no longer do with the Galaxy A51, despite having average cameras, since there were always people around me with the latest xiaomi or iPhone and of course, I preferred to take their phones to take the best photo.

This is something that is over, finally, and I am enjoying the cameras of the Galaxy S24+ as if I were a child. In addition, the integrated AI functions are very fun, but above all, useful for a thousand cases, so I have everything I wanted.

Galaxy S24 Plus Samsung


Always faithful to Samsung and what better opportunity than the new Galaxy S24

As I mentioned at the beginning, I consider myself a true fan of Samsung, whether when it comes to buying wireless headphones, a smartwatch or, as you have seen, a mobile phone. I felt it was time to change, It was something that I had considered perhaps for a Black Friday in 2024, but I have to confess that an even better opportunity came to me.

I managed, with an offer, to get this smartphone, whose original price is 1,300 euros, but I only paid 877 euros and, if this was not enough, they gave me the latest Galaxy watch 6 which, although it is not something that I needed, the truth is that it is a great success that is currently around 250 euros. There is no doubt that I have a cell phone for at least another three years.

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