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Android will tell us the health of the battery and when to replace it

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Google has carried out substantial work in the Android segment in recent years, especially in software terms. And precisely in the context of future generations of Android, some are looming interesting news.

We’re talking about battery diagnostics, an aspect that has regained considerable vigor with Android 14 thanks to some new APIs of Google which allow the system to derive important information regarding the drums.

The battery aspect has always been highly regarded in the Android panorama, with apps of the most varied types that have promised to to monitoroptimize, extend and recalibrate battery. Those who, like us, hung out on the Android forums some time ago will surely have heard of these operations.

The thing that all these operations and apps had in common was that they didn’t work in practice. This because not even at the system level Android it was possible to derive information about the health of the battery. Instead with Android 14 everything changed.

The new Google APIs allow you to derive parameters such as the date of productionthe number of cyclesthe current capacity compared to the nominal one. In short, a series of information that allows us to concretely evaluate it health state of the battery on your Android smartphone.

At the system level there are still no Android features that allow access to such information, but Google is preparing it. Furthermore, even on Android 14 we have seen how it is already possible to access these battery details via third-party apps. With Android 15 instead, a system option will arrive that will allow you to consult the charging cycles, the battery production date, the state of health and the actual capacity.

The interesting part certainly concerns the information on the state of health, an aspect that plays a fundamental role to understand if this is the case replace the battery or if any problems with low battery life are due to software bugs.

The screenshots above and below show what the interface will be like which shows the health status of the battery. This is not yet active on Android 14, but should be with Android 15. We will return to update you as soon as we have more details on this very interesting and long-awaited feature.

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