The AI ​​assistant arrives on Adobe Reader and Acrobat: here’s what it can do

Adobe has just announced some important news regarding two of its main products. Let’s talk about Reader and Acrobat which just received a AI assistant.

Adobe’s AI assistant comes as yet another AI-powered tool that should make life easier for users. This new AI assistant is particularly specialized in file management and customization PDF.

The news was distributed in beta and allows various functions. Let’s go and see them together:

  • The assistant suggests automatically questions and answers by analyzing the contents of the PDF, as well as automatic content summaries.
  • The generation of automatic summaries it is made in a format optimized for reading.
  • The assistant foresees the proposition of citations and references which they support when generated by artificial intelligence.
  • The assistant is able to propose link to quickly link to different parts of the text based on their relevance. This feature will prove useful for long texts.
  • Possibility to request the output generated by server in different shapesin order to be compatible with different types of content, such as emails, presentations or simple texts.
  • No given of users come stored on Adobe servers, just as none of the users’ personal data and documents are used to train the assistant.
  • The potential of Adobe’s AI assistant they are not just dedicated to PDF filesbut they are also compatible with Word, PowerPoint and meeting transcripts.

AI Assistant technology leverages the same underlying artificial intelligence and machine learning models Acrobat Liquid Mode which supports responsive reading experiences for PDFs on mobile devices.

The new feature we have just seen is currently in beta version. AI Assistant will be available via a new subscription plan additional, but beta features are available free of charge for Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual and Teams subscribers, both on desktop and on the web Englishwith additional language support on the way.

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