F-Droid ora supporta gli aggiornamenti in background, alla buonora!

F-Droid now supports background updates, good luck!

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One of the Android app stores of third parts most popular and longest-lived is updated with a new feature that perhaps should have received some time ago. Let’s talk about F-Droidthe store that has just received support for background app updates.

Android has always supported third-party stores for installing apps, something that apple should soon introduce on iOS too. And among the most popular third-party stores we know F-Droid, a store open source which hosts apps open source and free.

F-Droid had never supported the APIs that allow apps to run updates in the background on Android devices. These APIs were introduced with Android 12, but so far F-Droid has not integrated them and therefore it was necessary to access the list of apps installed on F-Droid and run manually app updates.

This finally it evolveswith F-Droid updating with support for background app updates.

This is definitely something new it will please to users of the popular third-party store, who they will no longer have to remember to update manually the apps they have installed.

Previously, this feature was accessible exclusively to those who acquired root permissions on their Android device, and then enabled the necessary permissions for F-Droid to update apps in the background.

This will no longer be necessary. By updating F-Droid to version 1.19 you will be able to activate automatic background updating of installed apps. Below you will find the link to update or download F-Droid from scratch.

  • F-Droid 1.19 | Free download

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