Google releases new weather design in the Clock app: have you received it?

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We have seen in recent times Google pay particular attention to the appearance of the graphical interface for its apps and services. We are referring above all to the interface update for all Google Android apps.

Precisely in this context, further news arrives for the app Google Clock. This is the app par excellence that allows you to manage and activate your alarms, use the timer and stopwatch. The novelty concerns the possibility of view the weather after the alarm clock.

The weather display after the alarm sounds is one news arrived recently. This is the ability to display a dedicated screen exclusively to weather information and start the day. So let’s talk about a profitable operation automatic a procedure that many of us do regardless as soon as we wake up. This is why it is a feature that is as simple as it is useful.

The update we are talking about consists of the update you see below: the interface relating to the new version appears much more coherent with the Material You introduced by Google with Android 13 and Android 14.

With the previous interface, however, we see more informationbut perhaps too dispersive and not very concise.

As you can see from the screenshots in the galleryeven in the new version the button remains which allows you to quickly close the section dedicated to the weather.

The new thing we just saw should be being distributed via server. So we expect the news to arrive for everyone within the next few days. We remind you that for those who have a Pixelsthis innovation was included in the QPR1 update of Android 14.


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