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Your Galaxy is about to become the hub for cloud gaming

If you have a Samsung TVs recent, you surely know that you can use it as a hub for cloud gaming thanks to Samsung Gaming Hub. The app allows you to conveniently access various supported services, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming And GeForce Nowand now it’s coming to phones Galaxy (by the way, do you know how to play Xbox video games on other devices with Cloud Gaming?).

Samsung itself announced it during the Game Developers Conferencealthough no dates or many details were shared.

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What is the Gaming Hub

What we know is that through the Gaming Hub you will be able to access your games easily, or discover new titles thanks to Instant Gamesa wide range of games in different genres, from classic card games to multiplayer shooters, that can be started with just one click and without installation.

Samsung Gaming Hub. Source: Samsung

But the Gaming Hub it will not only allow you to access these titles. Games downloaded from will also appear here Play Store or from the Galaxy Store, then all you have to do is launch this app to have all your favorite titles available, “with a handy toolbar to access recent games“.

Samsung Gaming Hub. Source: Samsung

In the end the Hub will notify you about everything related to services hey games that you use and will send to you exclusive rewards with one access special with discount coupons, extractions to prizes and more.

Samsung Gaming Hub. Source: Samsung

As we anticipated, there are not many other details available on the app or on the timing launch, but Samsung said the Gaming Hub for mobile devices is currently in beta in the United States and Canada with a “selected number of games“, which probably means the catalog will be limited, at least at first.

But wasn’t there already a Game Launcher?

In fact, Galaxy phones have had a gaming app called Game Launcher from which to launch games installed on the phone, and equipped with a Gaming Hub with i Instant Games (below you can see two screenshots of the function Game Boosters hey Instant Games on the Gaming Hub in a Galaxy).

He’s actually carrying the brand now Gaming Hub more in line with the one already present on TVs, monitors and projectors, as well as the possibility of accessing cloud services such as Game Pass And GeForce Now.

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