The price of Xiaomi 14 has leaked: forget the surprise of the iPhone 15

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<img class="tw-image " src="” width=”880″ height=”495″ alt=”The price of Xiaomi 14 has leaked: forget the surprise of the iPhone 15″ title=”The price of Xiaomi 14 has leaked: forget the surprise of the iPhone 15″>

The wait to see Xiaomi 14, the new top of the 2024 Android range from Xiaomi, is almost finished in Europe. The presentation will take place next week, but the information has already been leaked online launch price.

As we anticipated in the title, it seems likely that you won’t have to hope for a nice surprise regarding the launch price of Xiaomi 14. As happened with the iPhone 15 and Galaxy S24 series, which were launched on the market at lower prices than their predecessors.

According to what was reported by Techmaniacsthe price of Xiaomi 14 should starting from €1,099 (for the Greek market) for the version with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage. This is a figure growing compared to the launch price of the predecessor Xiaomi 13, although this device included a basic version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage.

The leak that just emerged regarding the price also provides us one more detail.

Compared to the Chinese variant, launched at the end of last year and which integrated 16 GB of RAM coupled with 512 GB of internal storage, the international version will come with 12 GB of RAM.

Therefore, the aspect of the price must also be considered when increasing the price improvement in terms of hardware specifications. We remind you that Xiaomi 14 has already been made official in China, you can consult the complete technical sheet at this link. Finally, bad news arrives for those who have been waiting for it Pro versionlaunched in China in fact, given that according to the latest rumors it seems confirmed that it will not arrive on the European market.

Therefore, the February 25th, the day chosen by the Chinese giant to launch Xiaomi 14 internationally, we will essentially see only one new model. Marketing should start next year February 29.

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