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Windows 11 will speak text using your own voice

A multitude of new features are being discovered that will come to Windows 11 thanks to the latest build 26052 that is now available both in the development channel and in Canary, some announced by Microsoft itself and others discovered by different engineers.

One of those features that are hidden but have been discovered by the user community is a new accessibility option called “speak for me.”

While this feature does not yet work in build 26052, its presence has been discovered by a configuration page where you can see the feature and its description.

Basically with this new tool we can teach the operating system how to speak using the user’s own voice. As you can read in the description, Windows 11 will allow you to “create your own voice avatar or keep your own voice.”

This would be ideal for the user to use for video calls or online meetings.

Basically you can write something, and Windows 11 will pronounce it using your own synthesized voice, and not a random robot voice.


It appears that there will be a dedicated shortcut for this new tool, specifically, pressing the Windows key + Control + T.

We must closely monitor this new tool that many users could use in Windows 11, given that it would be quite innovative if the system could synthesize our own voice to convert it into spoken voice in other applications for the system.

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