They create elegant earrings to track health

If you are not a lover of wearing a health tracker ring nor do you like smart watches, you could try a new invention, specifically, some very elegant earrings that can track your health at all times.

Thanks to researchers at the University of Washington we have the invention of some thermal earrings to monitor our health, basically by continuously tracking the temperature in the user’s earlobe.

This first prototype presented has the size and weight of a small paper clip and has a battery life of 28 days.

Thanks to its magnetic clip, one sensor is fixed to the earlobe, while the other hangs just below, being able to estimate the ambient temperature.

University of Washington

According to its creators, These types of sensors are much more precise on the earlobe than on the wrist.

Also the key to this sloping design is that it gives researchers the ability to hang a sensor to separate ambient temperature from skin temperature.

The team was able to optimize power consumption by integrating components such as a Bluetooth chip, a battery, and temperature sensors.

In preliminary tests the device was able to detect temperature variations associated with diet, exercise and stress.

In fact, they maintain that the accuracy of their thermal slope surpassed conventional smartwatches when it came to tracking ovulation and menstrual cycles.

They also highlight that their earrings are ideal for offering continuous control over fever, thus creating a tool for evaluating response to medical treatment.

In a future new version they want to offer heart rate integration and activity monitoring.

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